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I've just updated the Cheat for Nether. Though it's currently not on the Launcher, it'll be on in a few hours.

The Cheat is undetected by VAC, but bare in mind they log on players - No idea what they log but I reckon it's speed hackers and stuff.

Select Aim Key should now work properly.

[B]New Features:[/B]
Tactical Overview, this is a pretty sweet feature that allows you to kill people from the air without them even seeing you!

Tactical Default Height is = 1.0

Aimbot is still very bad, so I highly suggest not using it at all. Though with the new Tactical Overview you should be able to fight some of the other cheaters.

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The Aimbot should now aim in the proper location when zoomed in.
Cheat has been updated to newest patch. Enjoy! :)
[B]Hello, guys![/B]

The Cheat has been updated to the newest version. Please note that there are a few chances regarding the Cheat:
[*]Menu key changed to [COLOR="#FF0000"][B]F1[/B][/COLOR]
[*]Disconnect key changed to [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]HOME[/COLOR][/B]
[*]Might crash in vehicles (working on a fix!)