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BF1 Hack Changes:
- Fixed a crash.
- Fixed Prediction Code.
- Added Prediction (Menu Option)
- Added Range Tweak (Menu Option)
- Added NoRecoil/NoSway for Aimbot.
- Added Neck Bone as Default Bone for Aimbot.
Our BF1 Hack is now available in our client. The BF1 Aimbot comes with a full 3D Bone & Box ESP, ingame UI and if course it's undetected to FairFight & PB.
Changes :
- Updated to work with the latest version of CoH2.
Apparently some moron at Microsoft decided to fake-detect our launcher through Windows Defender. You can be assured it is in our interest not to send you some stupid trojan while we rely on your purchases for our cheats. The detection by Windows Defender is absolutely non-sense we are not going through the process of releasing weekly launcher updates because some jerk at MS thinks it is funny to abuse Microsoft Defense Anti-Virus to scare off gamers visiting a cheating website.