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Battlefield 4 Hack (BF4 Aimbot)

Rating Summary 5/5 (3621 Votes)
Our BF4 Aimbot. We are very excited to announce our DAMNCheaters BF4 Hack. Another excellent BF4 hack and cheat. The aimbot for BF4 supports Bones. Other BF4 Hack features are Box ESP, RADAR, Ingame-Maphack, Aimbot, Name and Distance Tags and much more! Check out our BF4 aimbot in action under the tab:" Video and Status".

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BF4 Aimbot by DAMNCheaters

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Introducing the DAMNCheaters Battlefield 4 Hack

At DAMNCheaters we are excited to announce the release of our Battlefield 4 Hack. Our Battlefield 4 Hack is finally available! We like to point out that our BF4 Hack comes with clean punkbuster & fairfight screenshots - no black screens, those get you banned on FairFight! 

Battlefield 4 Hack features (available)

  • Team ESP - All teammates will also have ESP. With you on the team, you'll never lose another game!
  • Punkbuster undetected - Beside PBShield we are using advanced techniques to keep this hack safe!
  • Clean Punkbuster Screenshots (No Black Screens)
  • Clean FairFight Screenshots (No Black Screenshots like on other sites which can get you banned!)
  • Ingame Map ESP - shows you all enemies on the minimap
  • In-game 3D ESP - shows you all enemies in the 3D world
  • Spotted notification - displays a text when someone has spotted you.
  • Box ESP - draws a box arround all enemies
  • Visibility Check - colours the box red when an enemy can be shot.
  • ESP Tags - Shows name, distance, health etc. next to the box ESP
  • In-Game GUI - enable and disable everything though an in-game menu.
  • Precision Bone Aimbot, decide wether you want to shot legs, arms or head
  • Aiming Prediction, for advanced accurancy
  • Sniper Rifle Stabilization, removes movements from the weapons when breathing

Best undetected Hack avaible!

  • PBShield Anti-Ban protection - When hack gets detected it kicks you out of the game BEFORE getting banned by Punkbuster
  • Anti Fair-Fight, protects you from FairFight Bans
  • Anti PunkBuster, keeps you safe from PunkBuster Screenshots

Developed by cheating professionals

Our Battlefield 4 Hack is coded by 1984, a game hacking legend, who is a key member of our All-Star team.He brings his experience to the DAMNCheaters launcher, which provides a secure platform for launching any of the DAMNCheaters Hacks. Finally, our dedicated forum team is ready to assist you with any problems or advice you with anything you may need. At DAMNCheaters we strive to offer the best hacks, with the best security around, and Battlefield 4 Hack is another title that we WILL offer with our ironclad support.

Get your Battlefield 4 Hack!

Are you tired of losing in this game? Sign up for our Battlefield 4 Hack, get our most powerful features and join our exclusive community of cheaters. Welcome to DAMNCheaters!

Videos & Status

Detection Status Undetected

Customer Reviews

This is the best hack around Review by EarthCras
It's incredible how fast the updates come out whenever BF4 gets a new anti-cheat or something. It's so good that I bought it lifetime, is worth every penny. (Posted on 3/28/15)
A solid performer Review by ReÅper
Excellent GUI, updated quickly, and account security is their top goal. Personally, the ability to only detect players when their within Line of Sight keeps me on my toes and prevents from runaway scoring. Solid aimbot, but be careful, it can be TOO good. :-) (Posted on 3/24/15)
perfect Review by gtx
super (Posted on 3/21/15)
BF4 Review by lettsgo6
One of the best aimbot and ESP that I have ever seen GREAT job guys (Posted on 3/14/15)
Genial Review by mischka4040
Lauft einwandfrei. immer up to date ! sehr sicher und leicht zu bedienen... PERFEKT ! (Posted on 3/13/15)
perfekte Hack Review by Jack66
eines der besten, perfekt Hack für BF4, alle Zeitaktualisierung (Posted on 3/13/15)
jeden Cent wert Review by Jack66
Wirklich fantastisch Hack. einfach zu bedienen und sehr effizient. (Posted on 3/12/15)
review by miguelo Review by miguelo
Is the best hack I have ever tasted (Posted on 3/11/15)
This hack is marvel. Review by Nando23Lu
This hack is marvel. Definitely the best and the safest. Is top (Posted on 3/11/15)
Magnifico hack (Español) Review by Nando
Solo puedo decir que este hack es maravilloso, nunca me han pateado de ningún ser ver ni levantado sospecha, solo decir que bravo por el truco. Para mi el mejor sin duda . (Posted on 3/11/15)
worth every penny Review by hammy123123
Safest and best hack by far , you will not be disappointed ! (Posted on 3/3/15)
First class Review by Fest
Never failed me , best hack on the market for the money you pay by far ! (Posted on 3/3/15)
The Best Review by JonutzAlex
Super! (Posted on 2/28/15)
best hack ever Review by nathandj1100
This is just the best aimbot I have ever come across (Posted on 2/19/15)
Fantastic Hack Review by Simon31101991
Really fantastic hack. simple to use and very very efficient.
Great !!! (Posted on 2/14/15)
perfect Review by lekenceto
the best hacke ever for this game (Posted on 2/13/15)
perfect hack Review by lekenceto
one of the best, perfect hack for BF4, all time update (Posted on 2/13/15)
Great Review by voltmtndeww
This hack is great! (Posted on 2/10/15)
An awesome tool! Review by ComradeZ
I almost gave up Bf4. Just so tired and played out. Decided to get the DC pack and now I'm enjoying myself 100X
5/5 (Posted on 1/29/15)
Masterpiece of software! Review by scdenolphinos1
This is a masterpiece of software for those who want to kill everyone in this game. I strongly recommend everyone who reads this to use this! (Posted on 1/26/15)
Perfect Review by Genosse
After 5Month still undetected (Posted on 1/21/15)
Best Hack Ever Review by QP
Got two hacks beside this, this one is very steady no crash and no punk buster detected really recomend this one! (Posted on 1/21/15)
5 Stars Review by Kazmok
The best hack I've ever used. (Posted on 1/20/15)
BF4 ESP Review by lettsgo6
The ESP part of this program a long is worth the money ,BUT you get so much more (Posted on 1/13/15)
Hack BF4 Review by Nando23Lu
It's just perfect.Never again lose the battle! (Posted on 1/10/15)
The best Aimbot Review by valterfragoso
So an amazing hack, but be smart and play hard (Posted on 1/8/15)
Best bot yet! Review by Hermech
Hack always works great and is easy to configure. Stays updated and able to change settings on the fly. Good bang for your buck, would buy it again! (Posted on 1/2/15)
:) Review by LETTSGO6
Great program works very well easy to use ,very well put together (Posted on 12/28/14)
The Best Aimbot & ESP Review by Sultanah
This the best undetected ESP & Aimbot ever made. (Posted on 12/28/14)
Very Good Review by XIBIX1980
Works great and until now no problems bcs of detection etc.
Easy to use for everyone, don't need to be a coder.
Use "Aimboting" like a Gentleman, not like a fool and
you will have the maximum of fun with this great Hack. (Posted on 12/26/14)
Bf4 aimbot worth every cent of it.... Review by vasilismarc
BF4 aimbot worth every cent of it....perfect work, good stuff, good work out there guys. (Posted on 12/25/14)
flawless ! best aimbot around Review by hammy123123
top class aimbot , sweet as and safe as houses ! (Posted on 12/25/14)
An Aimbot that hasn't been detected?!?!! YES Review by Detailed review from halfgod85
This hack offers many benefits and features.

Been using it for a couple months now and I'm happy to say it works well, and has yet to be detected. At least for me.

The ESP aspect is nice. It has all the features one would want. Lines towards the enemy, names above their heads, and their distance. It also has a option to add boxes around the enemy plays which is very helpful. Isn't as great as the actual shadow/outline of the player model but I'm sure they have a good reason for that.

The aimbot aspect has a lot of options and with some tweaking you can get it working exactly how you want. From subtle aim assist to full blown shooting everyone in the head in seconds. Your choice, but be aware, as the program is for the most part undetectable, you're blatant cheating is not.

So an amazing hack, but be smart and play hard. (Posted on 12/21/14)
Fantastic! Review by Great
Its a great hack that as of yet, months into playing have yet to be detected once. I tend not to use the aimbot, just the ESP aspect of it. Everything about it works as expected.

Thanks for keeping it safe! (Posted on 12/21/14)
Best bot ever! Review by WildEyes45
Works perfect nothing to complain about! (Posted on 12/15/14)
Battlefield 4 Hack (BF4 Aimbot) Review by wellingtondellia
Perfect there is nothing better, Congratulations DAMNCheaters. (Posted on 12/13/14)
super Review by Bullterrier
Hello. very good hack.
Always updated and undetected.
Thank you! (Posted on 12/10/14)
Best Hack Ever Review by Shooter
This is the most consistently accurate hack I have ever used. It works as advertised. You will not waist your money on this. (Posted on 12/5/14)
full complet and undetected Review by tara
full complet and undetected
c'est le meilleur cheat qui existe (Posted on 12/5/14)
nice to have Review by thrillingplaces
hack works without problems, will buy for next games too. thanks for work. (Posted on 11/23/14)
It's a bomb :-) Review by Hispa
Is the first time that I use a hack and with this I find simplicity, technic, many options and a lot of configuration !!
Thanks, is a "bomb"
Hispa (Posted on 11/21/14)
geiler bf4h Review by ossirocker
Never detected, all hacks work 100% won't find anywhere else you found the right one here!)

nice nice mfg (Posted on 11/18/14)
BF4 Aimbot actually works! Review by amazzei75
Unlike some of the other services I've used this actually functions as advertised. Customer service is quick and responsive, money well spent. (Posted on 11/18/14)
HAMMER! Review by gtx
Ich nutze den Aimbot schon seit einem Jahr und habe nur spaß damit. Keine bans oder sperren. Eingestellt auf Custom/ Abdomen/ Abdomen. (Posted on 11/15/14)
best bot ever Review by lynchmob420
It works everytime. It is updated and is undetected. I really like to use it (Posted on 11/14/14)
Best BF4 hack ever! Review by Soubeats
This is the best hack, GET IT!!! (Posted on 11/13/14)
Great Review by Bullterrier
I have tried several hacks, but this one is the best! (Posted on 11/13/14)
Great Hack Review by Snake66
I like this hack very much! It works very well and you have many configuration options. (Posted on 11/12/14)
Great Hack Review by elfatal
Never detected, all hacks work 100% won't find anywhere else you found the right one here!) (Posted on 11/11/14)
Shortcut to the top! Review by Mjebzen
First of all this is an easy aimbot/wallhack to use, I've been using it for quite some time now, and still haven't gotten banned.

It is a really stabile bot, as I have never seen it crash or fail.

Because of the FairFight system it's not recommended using the bot 110% Myself I use it only for ESP so that I won't get banned.

Awesome hack. (Posted on 11/11/14)
Super !!! Review by iglesias
I have never been banned, by using this hack. Awesome! (Posted on 11/11/14)
Works great Review by Mas
I have never been banned ,by using this hack . (Posted on 11/7/14)
5 star Review by zara
Aimer la capacité de transformer le aimbot hors tension et utilisez seulement ESP, ou vice versa. Peut changer de combat rapproché à la prise de vue à distance pour obtenir les tirs à la tête de sniper longues. Aimer chaque minute. Si je dois temps libre quand je commence l'université en Janvier je vais re-jacente, fait BF4 lol jouable (Posted on 11/7/14)
Super !!! Review by olga
Das hört sich gut an ! (Posted on 11/5/14)
BF4 review Review by nathan
This is one of the best hacks GET IT!!!! (Posted on 10/31/14)
BF4 Review Review by Dark-Robin1
Best BF4 hack. As long you play conservative and smart, you'll do just GREAT in BF. Will refer to others. DC stands by their product (Posted on 10/30/14)
#1 BF4 Hack Review by Addicted2Games4Life
Hey fellow gamers!

Used this hack for awhile. Hack is AWESOME! Admins/Dev are always on BF4 with their updates in an efficent manner.

Keep up the great work DC (Posted on 10/30/14)
Awesome hacks! Review by Camps
Best loader, best hacks in the business! (Posted on 10/28/14)
Best Review by julians567
Best Hax for BF4! :D (Posted on 10/26/14)
Seriously the best Review by Briansama
Loving the ability to turn the aimbot off and use ESP only, or vice versa. Can change from close combat to distance shooting to get those long sniper headshots. Love every minute of it.

If I have free time when I start college in January I will be re-subbing, makes BF4 playable lol. (Posted on 10/22/14)
Many kills Review by The Best!
Great hack, many kills, wow! (Posted on 10/21/14)
Lots of fun Review by NamrofKD
Fantastik cheat, :-)

Dont overdue it, and you will be the king of BF

have used it for about a month, never been kicked of a server (Posted on 10/20/14)
Its a Really Good Hack. Review by Olker
Hey I use the Hack for 6 month now, and I can only proof that the hack works great. U Should try it ;D (Posted on 10/18/14)
exelent Review by tijeraxxx
I have been using it for 6 months and never had a problem. The hack is available and undetected. (Posted on 10/16/14)
Very Good never been banned Review by ctsjl

I only use Box ESP and never got banned for 1 year now!

Best Hack out there for this game! (Posted on 10/16/14)
BF4 Hack Review by Splash093
This hack is very good. Love it ! (Posted on 10/14/14)
Awesome Review by 1776
I used this for 3 months and it always worked great. Will renew again. AAA+++ (Posted on 10/13/14)
wow Review by kimse0711
Really great hack with the best aim prediction out there (Posted on 10/12/14)
AMAZING Review by zara
I tested a lot of cheats and DAMNCheaters is the best
Easy and simple to use
Thanks DAMNCheaters (Posted on 10/2/14)
Best one yo can find! Review by Verange
Undetected and will do what ever you desire! (Posted on 9/26/14)
Best BF4-hack out there Review by DoubleG
Really enhanced hack with the best aim prediction out there. (Posted on 9/26/14)
Great Hack Review by DoubleG
A great well made hack with an outstanding aim prediction!! (Posted on 9/26/14)
BEST Aimbot ive ever tried ! Review by mischka2020
An die nicht so Englisch versierten Gamer unter euch ! Hier mein Review !
Der HACK funktioniert Perfekt. 5*****
Ich bin seit 3 Monaten dabei und keinerlei Probleme.
Für den Aimbot gibt es sehr viele Einstellungen, genauso wie beim Wallhack.
Ich spiele BF4 nur noch damit !!!
Das Forum ist nett wenn es mal Probleme geben sollte mit den Einstellungen.
Es gibt ein gut verständliches How-TO auch auf Deutsch für jederman !
Also kann ich nur empfehlen !

Ach ja, es wurde noch niemand gebannt wenn er nicht zu auffällig spielt !
Der wurde noch nicht entdeckt, was auch in naher Zukunft nicht passieren wird ! (Posted on 9/23/14)
Really worth every cent!!!!!!! Review by zeibei
The best hack I have ever used and i will keep using it. It does everything it promises and more!!!! Its undetectable unless you don't abuse its power. (Posted on 9/21/14)
Works as it should... Review by Jever76
Great program and easy to use only +++++ from here:D (Posted on 9/21/14)
Undetected Review by keepingitreal
A++ better then all the rest!! just don't make it to obvious! (Posted on 9/21/14)
Awesome!! Review by keepingitreal
being using this for 2 months now! has helped me get more wepons and badges. Just be careful don't go over board with it as people DO notice. (Posted on 9/21/14)
Even Better Review by wyorebel777
This product is even better then BF3 hack great work team! (Posted on 9/21/14)
Nice BF4 hack Review by George
Really nice hack. Works great and never detected! flawless! (Posted on 9/13/14)
Bester Hack der jemals entwickelt wurde! Review by zZ_callMeNoob_Zz
Ich bin total beeindruckt wie gut der Hack ist, Mitabstand
der beste Hack den es gibt! (Posted on 9/8/14)
Very very nice hack Review by fiko1616
Hack is very best hack thanks DAMNCheaters (Posted on 9/6/14)
This product is the best!!!! Review by Raza1029
Works flawlessly and great support. No detection. (Posted on 9/5/14)
BF4 Review by chdiamante
Best hack of all time! (Posted on 9/3/14)
Best hack...great aimbot FOR BF4. Review by vasilismarc
Of course its the best hack out there....never detected...its off the chart.Using it for many months and I just renewed it again to keep using it. (Posted on 8/21/14)
leute kauft eucht den Aimbot, das ist der hammer und es macht noch mehr spaß zu spielen. ihr werdet sehen und es nicht bereuhen! (Posted on 8/21/14)
Klasse Hack Review by Maxi1993
Der beste hack den es gibt.
Danke an den Coder :) macht weiter so.
An den cheat von Damncheaters können sich andere cheat anbieter eine scheibe abschneiden :) Battlefield 3 keine detection seit Relase und dann noch ein PBShield :) (Posted on 8/19/14)
BRUTAL!° Review by sigi
Klasse Hack, Funktioniert top, Empfehlung!!! (Posted on 8/18/14)
Best hack ever Review by sahid
Being using it for many months and I just renewed it again to keep using. Never has it been detected (Posted on 8/17/14)
Great hack Review by Attillau
Best hack on the market. Never detected. Simple to use. (Posted on 8/17/14)
Great Aimbot Review by Boats
Aimbot is near perfect, undetectable, and plain fun to use. (Posted on 8/17/14)
i just came back just for this hack Review by BigBoss
This hack is of the chart ,it really amaze me how its not even detected while its obvious that the user is using hack...i tried lot of hacks and this one is one of the best.
STILL people who is hacking must be smart enough so they don't get banned not by PunkPuster ,but with ADMINS.
enjoy and have fun ,be smart..be safe. (Posted on 8/17/14)
Hardcore ease Review by sahid
This is a great Aimbot, compared to the other fakes out there that give you no support! I would highly recommend this to anyone wanted to rank up fast! Lovin' it. (Posted on 8/17/14)
Best hack! Review by Expert64
Best cheat for BF4 . The safest hack of all that I have tried. Play with him for over 9 months. Flexible configuration and broad functionality (Posted on 8/16/14)
Nice hack Review by hauhau136
This hack is just awesome :) (Posted on 8/16/14)
BF4 Best hack ever Review by sigi
Funzt tadellos und ich habe keine Problemme, ich mache alles platt. hatte schon mal auf einem Eroberungsserver ein Stand von 280:20 ! kann ich nur Empfehlen
(Posted on 8/15/14)
ESP works great on hardcore Review by Sahidb
Playing hardcore is much more fun. You take the advantage when ESP in on with either boxes turned on or skeleton turned on, as you can pin point the area where the enemies is at. Thanks for a great aimbot! (Posted on 8/14/14)
Top hack Review by Stasi1220
Nice hack...I have fun (Posted on 8/12/14)
Awesome! Review by Sahidb
This Aimbot is totally undetected and favors your in all ways. Makes playing a bit more fun and gain those xp faster.I use the alt key to aim as it my favorite way to activate the aimbot (Posted on 8/8/14)
The Best!! Review by Dygo
The best Aimbot (Posted on 8/7/14)
This is a great hack, you have so many options to choose from. Review by Pigmentation
Aimbot is really good in aim positioning and accurate, it makes me happy :) (Posted on 8/3/14)
superb Review by travs
Been using this hack now for months!!!! superb!!! (Posted on 8/2/14)
Best aim Review by btr
Best aim ever! (Posted on 7/20/14)
5 Review by btr
Best hack ever. I am the king in the play. (Posted on 7/20/14)
I love it Review by minguo
You can be the winner!!! (Posted on 7/19/14)
Yeah Review by Noetzler
It works very fine, good job! (Posted on 7/18/14)
BF4 best aimbot Review by bf4master
This aimbot is the best you will be at the top in every game and its undetected (Posted on 7/15/14)
Good hack all around Review by Avicii
I never tried any other hacks but this one seems is a good one. Lots of options, functions. U must have it. (Posted on 7/14/14)
BEST EVER! Review by Rykou
Much better than others that i found into the internet!

I recommend it! (Posted on 7/3/14)
BF4 aimbot Review by btoemc
The Aimbot is just great, it makes the game very funny (especially for one) has several outstanding features such as auto aim, and the ability to shoot the body part you want, plus all the time to have localized both enemies on the minimap as the screen, other features that stands out is that you have the possibility of eliminating recoil, and top it off is totally undetectable, if you use it with moderation to stay only as an outstanding player, but if you abuse the immediately realize that you hack as it is very easy to make a lot of points in no time. It is a product worth buying. (Posted on 6/26/14)
Nice Review by BestHaxEvar
Pretty nice hack, it works as advertised. Best hack for BF4 among all the other I've tried. (Posted on 6/21/14)
Wow just ...WOW Review by hamster123
This is a must for all you BF4 players , never had any problems and works a treat ! buy it !!!!!!!!! (Posted on 6/13/14)
It is a really good Aimbot. Review by elsa12
It is a really good aimbot. This was a great purchase. I will use this a lot in the future. (Posted on 6/8/14)
der hack ist nicht schlecht Review by markus
der hack ist nicht schlecht (Posted on 6/6/14)
This is the best Hack ever Review by XIBIX1980
Best Hack ever. Very Simple and the best value for money (Posted on 6/5/14)
hack Review by nathandj1100
just the best

BUY IT!!!!! (Posted on 5/29/14)
Easy to set up and use Review by emersonbnd
This product honestly worth buying. Works perfectly. It is undetectable and even if someone enter spectator mode will not know you are using the hack. Very good. Approved! Won 5 star. I could have gave the hack 10 stars but the maximum here is 5. Congratulations! (Posted on 5/25/14)
Awesome Hack just don't abuse it Review by Dragore
I've been using this hack for a little over a month now and it is awesome. ESP is great, Aimbot is spot on but you have to use it sparingly. If your getting head shots from 400yds with a T1 sniper rifle with iron sights then yes your going to get banned. But if your trying to just get a leg up its definitely worth the buy. (Posted on 5/19/14)
Excellent Review by tijeraxxx
Just do not be too obvious, use it with care. (Posted on 5/11/14)
Nice No.1 aimbot Review by Leechu
Very good hack and undetected all the time (Posted on 5/10/14)
It so Fucking goooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!! Review by LEe
Very good undetected hack.

Very nice aimbot (Posted on 5/10/14)
Awsome Review by Nalewka
Very good hack and undetected all the time:) (Posted on 5/7/14)
This is the best hack I have ever seen! Review by chrisbrown176
Hey guys,
I bought me the hack a few days ago, and it works perfectly!!! This is really the best hack! (Posted on 5/5/14)
Great Aimbot Review by flex
Good hack works fine! (Posted on 5/4/14)
Good Hack Review by Eddy123
Good hack.
This hack is the best!
Great software for wallhack BF4. (Posted on 5/4/14)
Top hack Review by Eddy123
I love it :D (Posted on 5/4/14)
Best hack available Review by BattlefieldHACKZOR4LIFE
It does everything as advertised. Fast updates. (Posted on 5/3/14)
great ESP Review by N011
Great software for wallhack BF4. Aimbot is excellent but I try not to use it for the gameplay. (only against campers hehehe) (Posted on 4/30/14)
Works verry well Review by No 1
Works very fine. I love the ESP. (Posted on 4/29/14)
perfect aim both ever found at internet Review by lekenceto
Powerful yet undetectable Aimbot. I'm loving it. BF4 hack from DAMNCheaters works really good. I cant believe how well they calibrated the Aimbot to shoot from long distance.. (Posted on 4/26/14)
Holyshit :) Review by Nalewka
Very good undetected hack. Bought it twice already and i use it since months without problems :) (Posted on 4/23/14)
5 Stars Review by Nalewka
Very good hack I bought it twice and use it since months.
(Posted on 4/23/14)
Great Hack Review by BoomHeadshot
This hack works great! It is stable and fun to use! I would recommend purchasing this to anyone interested. I purchased a BF3 hack from a competitor and I got ripped off, but not with these guys. -_-

Thanks DAMNCheaters! (Posted on 4/22/14)
Best hack Review by dongbang47
This hack is the best, smoothly stable and much more! (Posted on 4/19/14)
works pretty well Review by devildoc
Nice hack for beginners and pros. I used it for a month and works fine (Posted on 4/10/14)
review Review by nathandj1100
This hack is the best in the world,This is a very steady aimbot hack. I have this hack for about 3 months. I have not been banned once. I can recommend it to everyone.
very good very good (Posted on 4/9/14)
Funktioniert super Review by Klausooomat
Funktioniert gut keine probleme leicht zu bedienen :) (Posted on 4/7/14)
Powerful Review by holagirl
Powerful yet undetectable aimbot. I'm loving it. (Posted on 4/1/14)
I was scared at first this was a scam Review by Marxtec
But not at all.. bf4 hack work really good. I cant believe how well they calibrated the aim bot to shoot from long distance.. I I mean I got some head shot from players on parachutes... and that's with the bullets taking a second b4 impact.

This hack is absolutely worth every penny And I want to tell the developers thank you and please don't increase the prices lol... (Posted on 3/30/14)
Amazing!!! Review by joe
Best thing you could ever purchase, if u feel like someone has the upper hands.. it's because they do! Must buy this to even things up!!! A+++++ (Posted on 3/27/14)
Awesomeness Review by Riddle
It's the best hack which I've seen, it's cheap and it worths the money I payed for it. (Posted on 3/26/14)
Best Review by neugebauer83
The BF4 Aimbot is so far the best hack I have ever seen on the market.
Keep it up guys!
(Posted on 3/25/14)
Epic Hack Review by thomsen30
This hack is the best in the world. Never detected!!! Love It (Posted on 3/23/14)
Good Review by NightBlaze
Great hack with loads of functionality, only wish I could of found this sooner (Posted on 3/23/14)
Exellent Review by iKev
This is a very steady aimbot hack, you got what you need, everything that you need in a game. I love it. I have it for 6 months, no problem at all. Just be carefull with aimbot dont go to crazy on it. Personaly, I dont use aimbot a lot just sniping, but I ony use mini map and ESP. (Posted on 3/22/14)
Works Perfect Review by cszero
I have this hack for about 3 months. I have not been banned once. I can recommend it to everyone. Very good aimbot and ESP (Posted on 3/21/14)
Superb Review by Ulla
I think this bot is fantastic. Very simple to use, and easy to conceal. (Posted on 3/18/14)
great!!!!!! Review by tash
Superb, must have it (Posted on 3/14/14)
Nice aimbot Review by WTF1000
I bought the aimbot for BF4 nice aimbot for the price. (Posted on 3/13/14)
Is just great! Review by deadmat83
Very good Aimbot. (Posted on 3/13/14)
best hack ever Review by Ahmad
This HACK is so awesome...it just make you feel like you know everyone on the game. Killing is the best PART :D (Posted on 3/11/14)
10 Review by Dmitriy87
Thanks for a great cheat development (Posted on 3/10/14)
one of the sturdiest bots out there Review by hammy123123
DC is one of the best bots out there if used correctly you WILL stay undetected top marks DC ! (Posted on 3/9/14)
Its Good Review by nathandj1100
This hack is one of the best hacks I come a cross they work 24/7 to improve this hack. So many game options that you can use to improve your gaming mode. it was worth the money thumbs up!!!! (Posted on 3/8/14)
Pretty legit Review by 23058usaf
A really good aimbot, has not been detected! (Posted on 3/8/14)
GREAT Review by Regina
Work is fine, great hack I love DAMMNCheaters!! (Posted on 3/6/14)
Great Review by Mr.HeadShot
Works like a charm, nothing to complain. Easy to use! (Posted on 3/4/14)
Nothing like it! NICE APP Review by pwrsurge
This is an awesome Hack. All the people complaining about crashing, and getting banned are the probably same ones screaming "FIX THE GAME" on EA forums. Use common sense and read FAQ and this program does exactly what you paid for it to do.. AWESOME AIMBOT DC!!! (Posted on 3/3/14)
AMAZING BEST Review by kamelabeuh
Use this Hack on BF4 and BF3 1 year today. I'm still here not banned :) (Posted on 3/2/14)
Best Review by kamelabeuh
The best Aimbot for Battlefield series I am playing for over a year and have not been banned with DAMNCheaters :) (Posted on 3/2/14)
AWESOMENESS Review by Cheaterz
I have been playing with DC hacks and still not banned. Wanna go hard,use DC hacks.
THANKS DC (Posted on 2/18/14)
This is AWESOME Review by Hawkins
I have never seen anything like this!
This is the perfect Hack, just try it!

(Posted on 2/18/14)
Top Review by Daniel1983
Sehr guter Cheat (Posted on 2/18/14)
Best aimbot ever! Review by oiseomon
I have seen alot of fake aimbot, but the one from DAMNCheaters is real! I have been using it for 2 months and not gotten banned. I give it a thumbs up for awesomeness. (Posted on 2/17/14)
I like it Review by toffeetoe
It is a good program. So many options that you can use to improve your gaming mode. (Posted on 2/15/14)
Cool stuff Review by toffeetoe
Good program with nice options (Posted on 2/14/14)
Best one Review by Very nice stuff
Too many options to have fun (Posted on 2/14/14)
Awesome Review by Bruce
It is nice being able to play without being near the bottom. You could easily get a perfect score. I like that it can be adjusted midgame without any issues. (Posted on 2/12/14)
DC is good tools Review by atsushi
Until I heard of the DC, I did not have fun with BF4.
With DC, I have a good HACK.
I'm quite satisfied with the result of DC hack.

DC has the ability to satisfy my game.
Unnoticed, undetected.
I introduced this site to four friends.
Soon, they will also become a member of DAMNCheaters. (Posted on 2/5/14)
Awesome hack! Review by Xani
This bot is awesome, don't look anymore and get it now! All the features works flawlessly, ESP, RADAR, AIMBOT.

See you in the battlefield! (Posted on 1/30/14)
AWESOME hack Review by l3lack
Awesome hack easy to use , it would be perfect if they got no-recoil + no spread included.
(Posted on 1/30/14)
AMAZING Review by poolio777
This has been BY FAR the BEST system I have use to date. I tried it out for a month and it was everything I had hoped for! Sitting back on a lifetime membership now and it is DEFINITELY WORTH IT!! (Posted on 1/30/14)
Very solid and safe hack to those who know not to abuse the power. Review by Guttie
DC have made the BF4 hack very solid to those who know not to abuse the power. I have been playing with the hack for almost a month and its been great. Try to stay around the 2.0 ratio kills to death. Also watch out for the accuracy. To drop the accuracy just go in to a game and try to no scope everyone or just hip fire, this will drop the accuracy very dramatically. But all in all I got what I paid for. No problems with the hack I have also recommended DC to two of my friends.

Thx to DC for a great product.

Review for Starcraft 2 coming soon (Posted on 1/29/14)
You got what they promised Review by iddqd
Works great and until now no problems bcs of detection etc.
Easy to use for everyone, don't need to be a coder.
Use "Aimboting" like a Gentleman, not like a fool and
you will have the maximum of fun with this great Program.
(Posted on 1/29/14)
Wonderful, Super Review by Hackfest
Hello everyone,
I would like to tell you how much the DC hacks for BF4 is wonderful.
I use it for 2 months now and I've played 350 hours with.
DC Long life and hopefully full of good things to come .

Bonjour a tous,
j' aimerais vous dire a quel point le DC hack BF4 est merveilleux.
Je l'utilise depuis maintenant 2 mois et j'ai joué 350 heures avec .

Hola a todos,
Me gustaría decirles que el hack BF4 de DAMNCheaters (DC) es maravilloso.
Lo he usado por 2 meses y he jugado 350 horas.
DC Larga vida y lleno de buenas cosas por venir ...

Ciao a tutti,
vorrei dirvi come hackerare il DC BF4 è meraviglioso.
Io lo uso per 2 mesi e ho giocato 350 ore con.
DC Lunga vita e piena di buone cose a venire ... (Posted on 1/28/14)
The best Review by tinga
Never detected, all hacks work 100 % don't go anywhere else you found the right one here ! (Posted on 1/27/14)
SUPER LOGICIEL Review by mottardnicolas
Je tien a remercier le DAMNCheaters pour cette excellant logiciel félicitation et merci !!! (Posted on 1/27/14)
DamnCheaters ROCKS Review by GeorgeMichael007
If you are looking for a cheat to dominate all your enemies, you are in the right place. Undetected Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. DamnCheaters continues to be the best. (Posted on 1/27/14)
great! Review by Kev
Sasha was my client rep and she was patient and fixed all my issues quickly and was courteous on top. Money well spent. (Posted on 1/26/14)
Works like beast Review by Ahmad
The best Hack, ESP, AIMBOT so far..PB and FF can't even notice that you are a hacker, unless you use it obviously...The best thing that i like is the screenshot clearing of PB.
Thanks DC. (Posted on 1/24/14)
Flawess hack! Review by kl4hr
I've used this hack for months now and all i can say is that it is remarkable! Runs smooth, kills even smother! Any time you have a problem just go straight to the support and within minutes if not SECONDS you will have a mod replying with a quick and easy solution! Service is flawless! (Posted on 1/15/14)
Great Hack! Review by tavaresdtt
Great program, with a lot of functions and working just fine! (Posted on 1/14/14)
Nice hack Review by dixi
Super Hack und sehr zuverlässig mit seinen einstellungen (Posted on 1/11/14)
yes Sir! Review by 909
Love the little menu and also they do not use cc+ or java hack.Works perfect .Also seen other hacks in game last week aimbot code violation and DAMNCHeaters did not come up. Nice and fast. (Posted on 1/10/14)
Nice dude Review by toffeetoe
Great program, with a lot of functions and working just fine! (Posted on 1/9/14)
Nice dude Review by toffeetoe
Great stuff here! (Posted on 1/9/14)
Best BF4 Hack Ever Review by lennyrox
Been going through most of the available hacks on the market but DAMNCheaters' BF4 hack is the best so far. Been using it for a long time, Never got busted from PB or FF. If used responsibly the best and safest BF4 hack ever! (Posted on 1/9/14)
Super cool! Review by Aimboter
This hack is THE BEST one yet. I've been using it for almost month and it's completely UNDETECTED. Thanks DC :) (Posted on 1/7/14)
Best of the best Hack Review by gaidan
NICE HACK Perfect work , Undetected, Best of the best hack, Good job DC.... (Posted on 1/6/14)
Great Hack! Review by TheRussak
First I got some injecting problems, but trough the nice support i finally came to my game experience! Great work! (Posted on 12/27/13)
News after 5 days Review by neugebauer83
I find the BF4 hack tip.
After 5 days of game time I can say is 5 stars.
The hack has earned (Posted on 12/25/13)
Very good!!! Review by yipieyaahyeah
Good Hacks thank you very much (Posted on 12/24/13)
NICE HACK Review by filippine
Work perfect! (Posted on 12/22/13)
Super offered Review by neugebauer83
Simply the best.
works great (Posted on 12/21/13)
Best Hack, Review by Bimmel
Hoffe er bleibt uns noch lange erhalten (Posted on 12/21/13)
Vehicle aim Review by boe323
this aimbot is fantasatic, only problem i have with it is the new vehicle aim... i think its work in progress so ill only give 4 stars untill it actually works... then ill up it to 5. Its not like your average aimbot, there no options for recoil and long distance shooting isnt very accurate which is what you need because you would get caught so easy lol if it was accurate. So yeah, well worth it. (Posted on 12/16/13)
Battlefield 4 Hack Review by gaidan
The best AIMBOT, with this hack I have never been found, this is the best hack I've ever met, DC the best, thanks to you guys .... I advise everyone to buy only here ...... this hack ... (Posted on 12/13/13)
Awesome hack! Review by Monster
This is an awesome hack. Love it! (Posted on 12/13/13)
Amazing The One and only Review by Farana
Best hack Overall its safe and very Fine.
No Banns. I use it often.
Try it and enjoy! (Posted on 12/11/13)
Best hacks with the Best support Review by Romeo
Very good hack performs very well with all classes shines most with Recon, also very good support; if you have a problem their support team is right there to help you and very polite. (Posted on 12/11/13)
BF4 Review by krawen77
Best Hack I have ever used- Really good job guys keep it like this . Best Regards for all the Crew. With Pleasure I Give Five Stars. (Posted on 12/7/13)
Work best! Review by nico23
It works like a God! So simplify to use, and nvm how as far be ur skill, it will help you to kill other and find where are the f****** campers! haha

(Posted on 12/7/13)
Great hack! Review by Neam
Great hack! Fast and responsive support! (Posted on 12/4/13)
Nice Hacks. Review by Jing
Nice hack, very legit. People can't seems to know I am cheating ESP for fairfight preset legit Kill/ Death looking forward for no recoil. :D (Posted on 12/2/13)
GREAT hack! Review by FonDerMark
Easy to use and safe aimbot. ty (Posted on 12/1/13)
awesome code. Review by polendina
Nice and flowlessy cheat with a great support (shasha <3) behind it.
Never had a problem, they do it's job better than the other site's cheat.
(Posted on 11/25/13)
This Hack is brilliant Review by Antzpantz
We'll this was great works brilliantly I have been using full time and has not been detected. Would highly recommend and I had great support from the moderators as well. Keep up the good work :-) (Posted on 11/15/13)
Very Good!! Review by Stampeman1
Not much to say, love it. Very good with the rcon.! (Posted on 11/13/13)
Safest and best hack Review by tommy
I've used this hack for BF3 and BF4. Always works flawlessly and I've never been caught. Great customer support and frequently updated for users. I highly recommend this hack. (Posted on 11/6/13)
2 Review by EdditoMashinga
is good (Posted on 11/5/13)
Battlefield 4 Review by gaidan
This is seriously the BEST BF4 Hack out there - and I've tried others. DC has been able to dance around PunkBuster Bans and completely avoid their ScreenShot attempts. Other hacks have so much trouble with the Screen Shots they don't know what to do - that's literally what they tell their customers. If you want to hack on BF4 then this is who you need to roll with. DC all the way baby!!! Thanks again guys , As people said - never been banned,Play BF4 with DC hack since release (Posted on 11/2/13)
Battlefield 4 Review by gaidan
guys I'll be honest you are at the height of a great job, a great aimbot, the main thing is not to find yourself, to be able to Use them, I advise you to buy aimbot it is here that these guys DAMNCheaters, guys like you are always on top, thank you ....... (Posted on 11/2/13)
By far the best Review by Funbles
I have used many different Aimbots, my first being in a game called BF2142. I have played many FPS's since, and gone through many sites, but not one was as fast or as well coded, while holding as much customer service as DAMNCheaters. So I must, say I have used good Aimbots out there, but this one wins by far. I know he will come out with more for this hack and I can't wait to see more! (Posted on 10/30/13)
Just WOW!!! Review by Robert
I got lucky as netvortex was asking me to beta-test this baby! Amazing, just like the BF3 hack this hack kicks ass... Will definitly buy this when it's released and thanks to netvortex for giving me a sneak-peak! (Posted on 10/7/13)