Undetected SWBF2 Aimbot

Our Battlefront2 Aimbot

Our SWBF2 Aimbot is a Battlefront2 Hack that has been developed during the beta and is completely undetected. If you want to earn loot creates quickly this aimbot will allow you to do so.

Dominate every match with our aimbot for Battlefront2. The hack features ESP, RADAR and an bone precise aimbot. You will easily become the MVP of your team!

  • Features
    • Bone Precision Aimbot
    • Box ESP
    • Range Tags
    • Aimpoint Tags
    • Anti FairFight Secure
    • Anti Screenshot
    • 3D RADAR
    • 2D RADAR
    • Customizable Ingame Menu
    • Voice Assist